Need Help Opening Or Servicing Your Pool?

Get professional swimming pool services servicing the Capital District area

You installed a pool to have fun and relax, not to spend your weekends working. But pools need a lot of care and attention to stay clean, safe and comfortable. Fortunately, Tri-City Pools can provide all of the swimming pool services you need. You can rely on us for...

Closing your pool for winter and opening it back up for summer
We're here for your in-ground liner needs and specialize in rebuilding and installing in-ground pools

We'll make sure your pool is ready to use and can help you keep it in tiptop shape all season. Contact us now to set up swimming pool services in Ravena, NY servicing the Capital District area.

Make sure your pool lasts

Pool maintenance is a chore, but it's important to keep your family safe and help you pool last as long as possible. With recurring pool services from Tri-City Pools, you can take your pool off your mind. Our crew can come to your pool on a weekly, biweekly or monthly schedule to service your pool needs. We'll also test your water to make sure it's properly treated, giving you a comfortable swim and preventing the growth of bacteria and algae.

Arrange for pool services by calling us at 518-810-3681.

Install the pool you want

Are you ready to dive into the world of pools? Tri-City Pools can work with you to design and install a pool that looks incredible and meets your needs. If you have an old pool that needs an update, we can renovate it.

You can also protect your pool while giving it a brand-new look with a pool liner replacement. Whether your old liner is ripped and damaged or simply faded and unappealing, our team can remove it and install a new liner that matches your pool. You'll enjoy having a pool that looks and feels like it was just installed.

Make an appointment for swimming pool services when you contact us today.